40 plus cams

30-Sep-2017 01:03

The key is to separate the ignition from the fuel system, tune them separately and then perform the final tuning to optimize the combination.

Story and photos by Jeff Smith Carburetor companies hate big camshafts.

In most cam catalogs, the larger camshaft descriptions include a compression ratio recommendation.

For example, COMP’s Xtreme Energy hydraulic flat tappet XE294H cam with 250/256 degrees of duration at 0.050 and 0.588/0.593 inch lift and a 110-degrees lobe separation angle (LSA), recommends no less than 10.5:1 compression when using this cam.

If you ask, they’ll tell you they get more tech questions about how to make a street engine work with a big cam than almost any other issue.

The other big issue – and in America it’s all about being big – is that street camshafts are often chosen as much for their lumpy idle quality as for their power potential.

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