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26-Dec-2017 21:40

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I can't tell you who the artists are, I can't listen to 5 seconds of it without wanting to run away or do whatever it takes to make it stop.That throaty-gargly horrible sound is beyond maddening.I started being sensitive to certain noises about 8 yrs ago. I cant stand barking dogs,cars driving past with that doof doof or people clanging cutlery on plates. Ive been diganosed with severe anxiety and depression and zoloft doesnt do anything!The first time it was extremely intolerable was when I lived on a busy street and couldn't tolerate the traffic noise, which I heard in every room of the house! Even when you tell him he just laughs in your face. The sound of plates and silverware when my mom puts them in the counter, bothers me like hell. It's just those that make me want to plug my ears and listen to music or something.One of my co-workers played that crap and it was like others have said, it seemed so much louder and more invasive than it really was.I tried talking to him about it, about how it was driving me crazy but he was a young punk and didn't care.Luckily no one knew me in this building so I wasn't given any grief. Later on, when I was settled in my aisle seat, 3 women were yakking away in a row nearby. I'm relieved to know this is a real condition and I'm not just losing my mind!One of them was especially obnoxious, with a thick Boston accent and penetrating voice. I do have anxiety and depression, but not sure if there's any relation.

Then the worst of all came into my life, the most evil despicable form of trigger music, Death Metal.

It was like someone else was in by body, I was so angry, so desperately needed it to stop, irrational. I thought they would fire me but they felt a little responsible since I had talked to them about it and they knew it hadn't done any good.

I was written up and on probation for 3 months, the Death-head was told to get some buds as were the others.

When people make these obnoxious noises, smacking or scraping their plates, they are invading my peace of mind. When someone does these annoying things, it really is annoying.

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Still sleeping with earphones in, still get angry, the same noises still trigger me (loud eating/chewing, heavy breathing, snoring, gulping, repeatedly throat clearing/coughing/sniffing) and my family are my biggest triggers. Kids thumping basketballs, dirt bikes running behind our home, loud rap music It does no good to ask them to turn down the loud music, or run dirt bikes/ATVs when we are not at home. I'm not sure what it is, but the sound of several people clapping is fine...

I mean, every football team has at least one rapper so either there is a lot od musical talent or Rap is really easy, brainless rhythm-chanting.

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