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13-Dec-2017 08:35

Hi again Sven, congratulations on your first European emergency vehicle. Da fiel mir der Notarzt ein und lie sich auch recht schnell umsetzen. Die groe Teilebestellung liegt schon bereit ;) Danke dir mein lieber fr den tollen Kommentar! Love them and you made me smile :) Thank you very much again for your very cool comment Frank. I looked at the real notarzt, I love that it has the red cross on it, we don t get to see that anymore, I like the color scheme you chose for yours, beautiful! like, somebody choking on food in your city, or getting hit by a car... It's a Doctors car from Austria based on the Amarok. :) Monster truck version: Thought about it, but have no special idea how to do this at the moment :) Thank you so much for your very kind comment my friend.

I googled it and I think it looks very close to the real deal, good work. The Amarok is a very common emergency vehicle in Europe, Australia and South America. So the Lego version has a lot of potential :) Here as an Ambulance: Here as a Fire vehicle: https:// As police car: for German fire depts: X 5 Grandslam homeruns for team Sven. Mittlerweile sind die ersten Amaroks schon versandt und bezahlt. If i have more time for creating a nice story, i'll do it. ;) Btw, would add the red cross, but don't have that Lego piece. Yeah, designing the rear bumper was very difficult and i'm happy with the result.

In my brief test, Bulgarian and Italian texts were left out. This can be convenient if you wish to splice music or perhaps combine songs, or just something you find useful. Moreover, you can also bookmark your playlists, which again can help sort out the clutter, especially if you have thousands of songs.

That’s not a biggie, but then, what if I do want to be a special snowflake and sing in all manner of languages? The music players has a fairly powerful track editing functionality. You can also embed media art, which I don’t recall seeing in many other programs.

Hope you understand all well ;) Hey Joern, hab vielen vielen Dank fr deinen netten Kommentar.

Freue mich echt darber, das ich dich wieder begeistern konnte ;) Na klar mach ich weiter so bzw versuch es weiter zu toppen, wie immer :) Dankeschn! Der schwarze ist schon schick :) Ganz wie mein echter^^ Die Idee fr den Notarztwagen hatte ich nachdem Cyberfrank die Feuerwehrversion vermisst hat. Yeah, the fire version is missing due to the lack of parts, but eventually there could come a on a real one based "Austrian Notarzt" version.

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And of course, lyrics, which also feature in the main view and scroll while songs are actively playing.From the SHARE COLLECTION modal in the Postman app, click the Update Link button to refresh the collection. The plethora of options and possibilities and feature was endless. Amarok slid out of the spotlight and became just another program to play your music collection.If you are having problems with that file then Firefox will be unable to save this information and will show you the "Firefox Updated" tab each time you start it.

When you generate the embed code for a particular collection, the button will point to the collection at that point in time.Here is my new collection of different versions of the 2013 VW Amarok. And yes, they are a bit bigger than the normal tire/rim combo.

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