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Its written as if its like Steve's diary, running into a cast of characters such as Bono. I would reccomend this to any Steve Jobs or Apple producer lover. I read it on my lunch hour at work everyday over the past month and would always find myself laughing at something in it.I would recommend this book to any Apple fan or anybody who knows a little bit about Apple.Throughout, the fake Steve pontificates on everything from his superior management skills (only promote stupid people) to his role in the development of the i Phone (it involves a lot of non-thinking meditation), and is portrayed as a cold, callow narcissist.Blissfully unaware of the legal firestorm raging around him, a mathlexic Fake Steve goes about his daily business, balancing meditation with the firing of employees while the Apple board of directors scrambles to avoid prison time and find a scapegoat.The book is written in the same style, with a story arch - and it's just as funny as the blog. Prior knowledge of the participants at Apple (2005 - 2012) is needed to fully enjoy the book.

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The company remained tight-lipped about his health throughout his illnesses, a stance that troubled investors and corporate-governance experts. Still, for many Jobs has come pretty close in the past decade to accomplishing what he set out to do all those years ago when he and Steve Wozniak first started fiddling with electronics as youths before there even was a Silicon Valley: making an indelible mark on technology, and on the world.And he has driven Apple to the top of the heap in technology. For leading a triumphant surge to the top of the tech world, developing game-changing computers and devices and unleashing a stellar return for investors, Steve Jobs is Market Watch's CEO of the Decade.