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It shone through her soft negligee revealing her firm sexy figure.Her smile and cheerful “Good morning my darling baby” made him glow with pleasure and love for this woman, once his wife now his wonderful mummy.He always felt like this after he had come in his nappy, the shame of being a sissy baby were always heightened and more acute.

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It did not matter if they were out of the house; the same rules now applied even to the extent of having to use his dummy from time to time.

If he was to sulk or protest that he did not want to his Mummy had a simple rule; behave like an adult and get punished like an adult.

As his dream and wet nappy had confirmed last night he almost certainly could not keep dry at night and although he did not want to admit it he needed a nappy during the day as well.

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What was more upsetting he knew he must continue to behave just like a l little girl toddler, lisp his words, suck his dummy, dribble a little and walk in that jerky wobbly way of very small children.He wondered if Jane’s new boyfriend was a member, did they discuss him and his baby status with others in public? His hands drifted down the bed he felt the comfort of the frilly pink satin lined plastic pants, the large 60 inch square terry nappy held on with four nappy pins, inside that was a Tena maxi disposable that only occasionally leaked into the terry. He felt better now as he reflected that he did not think Jane had slept with the new man of her life that night, he had not had to listen in an agony of frustration, hurt and pain to their lovemaking in the bedroom next door.