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24-Jun-2017 10:52

It’s very special to me, because oh my gosh, they invited me to be Guest of Honor in 2018! Meanwhile, let me tell you about a hard working artist.

When the con started talking to me, they asked if I wanted an ad in the con book.

While I was never really in the area to go to any of the meets (as I live over 2 hours away) I did research on them. When interviewed by police outside his home, “he admitted there ‘might be some’ child pornography on his computer” and “he has ‘a very small interest in’ pornography depicting children and admitted to having about 50 videos containing it on his computer.” R. was known for meet organizing and media appearances that bring a spotlight now. There’s the Rebel Wolf/Lupine Fox ring, and more recently R. Register here to join the fun and support this young con. Look at special places like that for ideas about how the fandom is growing.

This lead me to videos, and photos, to chatting with Adam King occasionally, and it really gave me an idea of what a Furry Community really looked like. (See my article: One Town, Two Cons.) Do two cons show healthy demand and raise the bar for both? Or are they just on different paths with one trying an out-of-the-box concept?

(I look out for blogs that seem to vibe with Dogpatch, so I liked finding this.) The Crazblog bears out a good impression by sharing her selection as Guest of Honor at Fur-Xoticon.

It lets you in on a personal detail: Highlighting the newbie disclosure and small/local con size isn’t too critical, if you take it for granted that Furry is full of DIY power – it’s just good to keep in mind while reading the below post with an open mind. Here is my breakdown of some of the aspects of vending at a furry con AA/DD that do more harm than good ( possible solutions! https://t.co/khnquy97XX— draw softly and carry a big blog (@Crazdude) November 13, 2017 Crazdude’s post – “Top 5 ways conventions let their vendors down ( Cons doing things that artists love!

I documented my process using #Wanted Hogger so people could catch up and see my progress quickly, anyone who stumbled upon one WIP, could quickly get caught up on the story of what was going on.

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Long-story-short, this got me noticed (after the con) by a local who mentioned the furmeets happening within the area, and she asked me to add her on facebook so that she might invite me to said-events so I could attend. It brought in a reader tip – Recently there’s been some furries involved in meets and cons popping up in the news for pedophilia and child porn. EXTENDED PRE-REGISTRATION: Sign up by the end of day on October 10!Never did I think that such a tight-knit community could evolve into something so much greater…but after this weekend, I realized that myself along with 737 other people made history as we celebrated and experienced San Antonio’s new Furry Convention! Well, it looks like win-win positivity in San Jose. PAWcon) is the upstart “relax-a-con” at the Double Tree, previous home of Further Confusion.

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