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My agent and the real life Molly and Issa are all real-life friends. I had an idea about the kind of style I wanted, but I don’t think my bank account really allowed me to go full throttle into where I wanted to be. Now my costar Jay Ellis [who plays Issa’s boyfriend, Lawrence] is teasing me and saying, “You know you can’t go out in sweats anymore now? I need a point of contact for references, in case I start to wonder if they’re a psycho. I texted Issa yesterday because I did a comedy show and it was a 98 percent caucasian audience.My agent was having a party and I went and Issa told me the real Molly was there. There’s an episode where Issa and Molly talk about how they hate L. And I asked them if they had seen , this was the day after the premiere, and the room went into applause.My mom walked the red carpet with me at the premiere and you would have thought Princess Diana was reincarnated and told my mom she did a good job. She was paparazzi; she was taking pictures of everything. Now it’s like, “Mom what do you want for your birthday? At night she was sending photos of the whole thing to my dad in Nigeria.

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, Yvonne Orji plays the alpha version of this enviable woman in Molly, the beautiful, successful BFF of Issa, who is played by series creator Issa Rae. But sometimes it feels good when the homeless guy in the corner tells you that you look amazing.

" /Tricky topics are tackled on this show: racism, violence, religion, politics. Guests and the host also say insightful things: "Really progressive views on women and relationships," sniffs a guest to another who'd just bragged about having a "gang of chicks" waiting for him back home.

No violent acts but plenty of jokes about violence: A woman says she'd "whoop" the "ass" of someone who touched her boyfriend; Davis jokes about getting developers to sign a nondisclosure agreement that says if they disclose a project idea, James and a friend can beat them up.

I know your parents are Nigerian and I’ve read in some of your interviews before about how they wanted you to be a doctor or an engineer.

The decision to become a comedian couldn’t have been easy.There are jokes about drugs, and about sex; there's also historical perspective and insightful thought on topics like slavery, police violence, and street gangs.