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31-Aug-2017 00:47

Medical marijuana cardholders will not have their FOID or CCL cards revoked, or be denied issuance of a FOID or CCL card, due to their status as a medical marijuana cardholder.

Such cards are State-issued, governed by State law, and State law requires that a person's status as a medical marijuana cardholder not result in the denial of any right or privilege.

An applicant must not be prohibited from possessing firearms in accordance with state or federal law.

This requires the applicant is/has: If I am a qualifying patient or designated caregiver pursuant to the Compassionate Use of Medical Cannabis Pilot Program Act and hold a valid Medical Cannabis Card, are my Firearms Owners Identification Card and Concealed Carry License still valid?

Yes, a minor can apply for a FOID card with a parent or legal guardian sponsor.

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If the minor applicant is not able to sign the application, a copy of the applicant's birth certificate will be required.Upon receipt, you will need to answer some criminal history questions, attach a photograph and sign the application.Applicants will need to return the application back to the Firearms Services Bureau for final processing. The Illinois State Police uses the state of Illinois E-Pay program.Applicants will need to provide a set of fingerprints using an Illinois State Police approved fingerprint card and federal form 4029 - APPLICATION FOR EXEMPTION FROM SOCIAL SECURITY AND MEDICARE AND WAIVER OF BENEFITS. Follow the instructions for "HOW DO I APPLY FOR A FOID CARD? D and complete this following form: Out of State Affidavit.

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" You will need to provide the information for the base you are stationed at while in Illinois, a copy of your military assignment orders, your U. To be eligible for a FOID card, a person must be 21 years of age or have a parent or guardian sponsor that is eligible for a FOID card.If you have a question regarding the Firearm Owner's Identification Card or the Firearm Concealed Carry Act that is not addressed in these sections, please call (217) 782-7980.